1. "no idea is so sacred it is not to be examined and investigated, for that is how we learn about the most dark and deceitful parts of our self."


  2. thanks

    thanks for all the hearts and rectangles from everyone lately, and a great big thanks to  luxlit for reblogging my post recently.
    these affirmations to you are overdue

    take care,



  8. thaw

    After 2 months of an average temp of -20, its 49 Degrees today.

    Guys, spring thaw is here. My favorite time of year. 

    The rivers are going to be running.


  9. apostle islands

  10. in the streams and culverts
    they are my favorite places - especially in spring thaw.

  11. (breathe)
    apostle islands

  12. running through the woods in september

  13. back from the erase everything recording days.

    I miss making this music so much.

  14. you are alive and I am alive and it is amazing.


  15. less smorgasbord

    moving all of my music project stuff to here  to make this place more centered towards its original intent: photography.
    I’ll be working more on the “you exist” stuff here. Please let me know if you’d like to spread the likeness of “you exist”  - my intent is for it to send a hopeful message - I can send anyone the EPS files of the lifeline image I made for your own use - typeface is just your standard sans serif. Feel free to use it on your own photography and shoot me the post and I’ll reblog it.